Planmeca ProMax 3-D Mid

dental x-rays using the ProMax 3d Mid

3D dental imaging is rapidly becoming the standard of care in all of dentistry, not just specialty fields. A cone beam CT captures digital images of teeth, soft and hard tissues, and nerve pathways. With a single 360-degree pass around the head, the CBCT can capture more precise images than 2D X-rays. These images can be used across many different applications. Digital images are superior to a typical pano or intraoral image, spotlighting areas not visible any other way. Recently, we had a patient come in with extreme tooth pain. Dr. Powell took a 3-D image and was able to diagnose one root had a fracture and the tooth needed to be extracted. With a cone beam in-house there is no need to send our patients driving across town or waiting days or weeks for another appointment at a different office. Within a few minutes Dr. Powell can view those images with you and discuss next steps. It’s quick, simple, and easy.